Catch A Rising Star


Blues with a Postmodern Attitude

Zola Moon is a blues artist whose journey has taken her from her native San Francisco to the heart of the Los Angeles blues scene. Along the way she performed and recorded in Europe and the US. She plays at the top blues venues in town and has a goal of elevating the popularity of the blues to a wider audience. She has started to make inroads in this endeavor.

Zola's blues definitely have a unique edge to them. She calls it Postmodern Blues. Seeing the blues as in transition, to take the blues into the future, she feels the need to “be true to the blues, yet speak with my own voice.” Songs such as “Mechanical Beast”, a kind of post-apocalyptic commentary on the state of existence, reflect her efforts to evolve the blues. She realizes some strict traditionalist may frown on her slant, but she definitely adds a new and fresh perspective. “Camel Cash” and “Big City Blues” reflect the blend of traditional blues and innovation she produces. Zola writes the words and melodies and then works with her band to complete her songs. And she's quite willing to give credit where it's due to her fellow musicians. Zola has formed a band with a harder edge, incorporating the talents of some top flight musicians. There's Michael Carter on lead guitar, Jerry Olson on drums, and Eric Williams on the bass. All are long time pros with many year's playing experience with many very well known names.

With a riveting stage presence, Zola writhes the feeling out of each song, her voice transiting from sexily husky to deep and smooth without a hitch. Zola oozes sensuality, and with her flair for improvisation, each performance has it's own unique flavor.

Zola is quite prolific at generating her own material and has released 4 CDs, 99% of which is her own original songs. Now she feels the need to move on to work with the new material she has composed and will soon be in the studio recording her next record. You don't have to wait long to catch a performance by this busy lady as she appears regularly at a number of clubs all over the greater Los Angeles area. Zola's powerful style and charisma make her sure to have an influence on the local performance scene, and on the blues in general, so don't miss her act.

--Jerry Erkenbeck